The CSV30T is excellent when the directivity and control of l of a horn is required but the sound quality of a cone driver is desired. The 4 inch treated paper cone driver used in the CSV30T produces a frequency response from 100Hz to 10kHz. Compared to a conventional reentrant horn speaker, the CSV-30T will outperform on both speech and music reproduction. Finished with beige ABS bezel and gray aluminum grille. Stainless steel mounting U bracket included.

The horn loaded loudspeaker system shall be a Tortech CSV30T sound projector consisting of a 4 inch treated paper cone driver mounted into an injection molded ABS weather resistant housing giving it a 100 ̊ horizontal and 85 ̊ vertical dispersion pattern. Device shall have a frequency response of no less then 100Hz to 16kHz and having both direct 8Ω as well as 70V 100V multi tap settings for constant voltage use. Tap settings shall be in 3dB increments
30w, 15w, 7.3w, 3.8w, 1.9w @ 70V with a total power handling of 80 watts direct.

All exposed hardware and mounting brackets (included) must be stainless steel.

Depth 10.78” (274 mm)
Horn width 14.38” (365 mm)
Bracket width 9.25” (235 mm)
Hole mount spacing 4” (101 mm)
Net weight 27.3 lbs (12.4 kg)