Tortech Brands

Tortech is committed to providing our customers with an extensive products line to suit any sound needs. Over the years has expanded it’s products line into different sectors of the sound industry. Browse our brands to learn more about Tortech and what we offer.

TortechFireLogo We’re delighted to introduce TortechFire as a division of Tortech Engineered Products group of companies, covering Canada & the USA effective immediately.

Tortech Fire offers analogue addressable and conventional fire detection devices, Digital & Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection Cables, as well as a host of ancillary products such as speakers/sounders, manual call points, and beacons. Our portfolio of products and services are used to safeguard firefighters, prevent fires, and protect people and property. All of our offerings are backed by dedicated and responsive team.

Based in Toronto, in Ontario, Canada since the early 1970’s, Tortech Group of Companies, including TortechFire, has built a worldwide reputation for innovation, quality and reliability. Our mandate is to provide top quality fire products and solutions to our valued customers. We stock and distribute our products our warehouse to your door and pride ourselves in our quality service.

Our commercial customers are both small and large, spanning retail, banking, logistics, maritime, mining, petrochemical, government and many other industries. They include retailers, buildings, airports, schools, metro’s, commercial vessels at sea and some of North America’s largest power, mining and petrochemical operations.


fanon For over 50 years Fanon Sound Products has been providing Canada and the world with high quality megaphones and sound accessories at a reasonable cost.Fanon is a well established brand that offers a comprehensive line of top quality products. Well known for our megaphones, wireless intercoms, amplifiers and speakers, our products can be applied to suit a wide range of needs. Our megaphone product line varies in size and power, to ensure that your sound and voice projection needs are met.


SweetBeet The Sweet Beet personal background music system will provide you with an array of music sources for your listening pleasure. FM radio, iPod input, USB and SD inputs along with remote control and Blue Tooth. You can see it all on the 34 x 27 mm display.